Do not throw apple peels away

Apple peels

Apples are probably the most popular fruit around central Europe and maybe all over the world. So, how many do you eat every day? Apple a day keeps doctor away…right? Whatever your answer is, apples are great and you should eat them with the skin because we all know, that the skin contains many substances beneficial for our bodies.We shall tell you which ones in the following lines. But when we use apples in cooking we usually peel them and throw the skin away, but you can actually use the skins for other purposes. How? Read on.

Your body will love it

The highly valued substances are in the skin and just below with. The skin contains huge amount of vitamin C, but also the following:

  • magnesium,
  • calcium,
  • polyphenols,
  • iron
  • and many other substances.

Peels can be used in many different ways. The only case when you cannot use the skins is when you press apples for a cider.

Classic dried apples

Do you dry apples? If so, you should definitely dry them with the skins. Do not worry they will not be stiffer and they will keep or the necessary vitamins.

Apple peels
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Excellent drink

You can make a very refreshing hot drink from peels. Put the skins in a mug and pour hot water over them, add sugar, lemon or some other herbs you like, and you’re done. You may make this type of drink even from dry skins. Apples retain their aroma and the taste and aroma will get extracted if you use hot water. Especially in winter, when it is freezing outside, this delicious hot a drink will come in handy and will warm you up.

Peels still contain juice

If you have a smaller multi-function fruit pressing tool at home use it to get the remaining juice out. However, as mentioned about you should press apples together with the skin.Gather as many peels and press them. Now you can be sure that you waste nothing.

Delicious apple chips?

Add the peels to amixture that you intend to caramelize and then bake it all together in the oven. You will be surprised. To make the caramelizing mixture you may use brown sugar, some flour and cinnamon for example. The crispy sweet taste is excellent.

Skin moisturizing lotion

You don’t have to actually eat the peels. Just mix them with a little apple cider vinegar and apply it to your skin for thorough cleansing and nourishment. Use a cotton pad.

Preview photo: Pixabay

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