Bird feeders are great. But where should you place them?

Bird feeders

When the winter comes we should all think about the creatures that can be beneficial to our gardens. If you see birds as harmful creatures, this article is for you because we intend to change your mind. For example, while nesting, the great tit (Parus major) can consume a huge amount of insects that could damage your fruits and vegetables later. But also sparrow, hawfinch and may other birds can significantly eliminate unwanted insects in your garden. And that’s why we should reward birds for their work and help them survive the winter by providing a little bit of extra feed.

Which feeder is the right one?

Winter is a challenging time for birds. That is for those which do not fly to warmer regions. Feeding them can literally save their lives. Feeders are not just for DIY people who can make one. You can find cheap and nice feeders in any garden stores. When you have one you should put them up in November so birds can get used to them. Feeders made of natural materials (wood, bamboo, etc.) are much better as they appear more natural.

Bird feeders

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What should you put in your feeder?

But birds cannot eat all human food so, do not put leftovers from your food or sweets or salty snacks. Birds love seeds such as sunflower seeds and various cereals but also tallow. Many birds will enjoy these foods and you will not endanger their lives by providing harmful foods.

Safe placement

When choosing a place for your feeder, consider the fact that there may be cats running around in your area and cats are very agile creatures that can get into the feeder and catch a feeding bird. Place the feeder at least 1.5 meters above the ground and away from other elevated structures that cats can use. This should give birds the ability to see around and see cats in time. Feeders should not be mounted on trees as cats can climb easily. Place feeders at least two meters from trees…

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