Araucaria in your room can live “forever”


Yes, araucaria does not lose its beauty over time and grows rather slowly so you don’t need to be afraid that it will push you out of the room after a few seasons. It looks exotic. Its relatives come from the Araucariaceae family and have been growing around the world since the time of the dinosaurs!

Araucaria is a coniferous tree, nevertheless it does well in room conditions where it usually grows to about 150 cm, but in nature, it is a totally different story. It is often the tallest tree in the area! It grows slowly though – only one “floor” each year. If you want to grow this tree inside it is nice to know that Araucaria needles are very soft, so even children cannot get hurt.

It does not do well in small apartments, but it will grow well basically everywhere else

Araucaria does not like central heating, especially in winter when the temperature exceeds 21 ° C. It will do well in an unheated bedroom, but if you are a heat-loving creature then you probably will not like growing this tree. If araucaria lives in relatively high temperatures it often catches unpleasant diseases or pests. It likes cooler temperatures yes, but it will not tolerate frost – the minimum temperature in winter should be around 5 ° C. In summer, you can place it on your balcony, terrace or in garden.

You should know: Some species of the Araucariaceae family, are relatively cold-resistant. For example, (Araucaria araucana (Molina) C. Koch) can grow outdoors in central Europe all year round, providing that it receives good care.


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How to properly care for araucaria

In summer, you should water twice a week, but only once in winter. It requires soft water without calcium. It is recommended to spray moisture on it (the same frequency as watering), in summer. You can do it in winter too if the plant suffers from dry air. You don’t need to shower it or clean it in any other way. Araucaria can handle dust.

In the summer, you should fertilize every 14 days. Use fertilizers designed for coniferous trees but only use a half of the recommended dose. Araucaria will appreciate if you place it near a south-facing window, but in summer, you need to protect it from the midday sun. Araucaria can tolerate partial shade too but eliminate cold drafts and insufficient ventilation. This exotic tree looks best alone. No other plants around. Once every three years you should transplant it. Use rather acidic soil.

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