Common mistakes that we all do while mowing lawn


The garden season is in full swing and one of the most common activities is lawn mowing. Thanks to sufficient moisture and warm weather grass grows like crazy and you need to mow your lawn often. Surely, you use a lawn mower. If your machine is well-kept then you have no problem but too often we all neglect maintenance or even make mistakes that worsen operating conditions of any lawn mower. We shall take a look at the most common mistakes in the following lines.

Negligence of regular maintenance

You definitely need to take a good care of your mower and good care shall include the following – these apply to gas-powered lawn mowers:

  • filter cleaning,
  • oil change,
  • thorough cleaning after each mowing.

You must change motor oil according to instructions in the manual, ideally you should do it at least once per season. The life of a motor oil is limited and over time it loses its properties such as viscosity and the ability to lubricate parts. Using old oil can damage mechanical parts of the mower. Mowing creates plenty of dust and you need to check the dust filter often. Clean your mower from dried or wet grass and other debris each time you finish mowing.

Lawn mower

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Some people store lawn mower tilted, on side or even upside down, most likely due to insufficient storage room. This is a big problem. Containers that hold operating fluids must be in a horizontal position. U electric mower may be stored tilted. If you lack storage space, chose mower with a folding handle. That may help a bit.

Power cable

If you have an electric mower pay attention how you store an extension cord and cables. If you cut the cable the circuit breaker in your house must trip, but unfortunately it may not always be the case so, do not count on it! If you mow a larger area a good idea is to have a helper to help you watch the cable. You may choose both gasoline or electric models. There are also battery-powered mowers so, you do not need to deal with extension cords.

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