Best way to store and keep garlic fresh


Do you have your own home-grown garlic or you buy it from a private farmer? Either way, you should definitely store it properly and make sure that it lasts as long as possible and preserves the necessary properties. Well, there are many alternatives, so we shall introduce the most popular ones.

A flower in a vase

It may not seem like much, but this option is actually very good. Garlic must have longer stems for this storage of course. Put the garlic upside down in a vase or glass in your kitchen. It will absorb the moisture from cooking and will not dry out. If you only have the bulbs without stems, carefully stick a skewer into them. Make sure you will not break individual cloves.

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Garlic in oil

Storing garlic in a sunflower oil is an interesting option but you must first peel and clean individual cloves. Use garlic preserved in this way as you would regular dry cloves.

Garlic paste

Another option is to crush the garlic and mix it with salt.Make sure to use a clean spoon each time you need to take the paste out. If you do, your garlic will last quite a long time – easily for several years. Garlic paste may be added to many dishes – just like regular garlic. About 250 grams of salt are needed for 1 kilogram of garlic.


This method is also widely used.Simply put garlic in an enclosed box and in the freezer. When you take it out, the best way is to grate it and then use it in your favourite dish.

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Garlic puzzle

An interesting choice is to stack garlic bulbs in a jar like a puzzle. The jar is then placed in a dark and dry room. Keep the jar open. Garlic stored in this way should last until spring. Do not put the jar in a cold and humid cellar because it can start rotting easily.

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