A brief introduction to ginger growing


Ginger is a typical Asian plant. It has been used in Asia for millennia and no wonder, because it is a great medicine and spice that gives dishes the typical tangy taste. You can easily buy it dried or fresh but you can also grow it at home In the following lines, we shall tell you how to grow ginger properly, but first we shall focus on its properties.

What is ginger good for?

Ginger is primarily used for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a great preventive agent against common colds, flu and some other illnesses. It is also used to alleviate problems associated with headaches and migraines. It relieves pain caused by pregnancy and it is believed that it can even slow down the progress of some types of cancer. But this natural and almost miraculous cure also possesses a specific “power” – it increases your appetite. It is therefore recommended to people who suffer from anorexia.


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Buy fresh ginger at the store

If you want to buy ginger in a flower pot, you will most likely face some difficulties, but you can grow your own ginger from a fresh piece that you bought in your supermarket. Just make sure you get a fresh root. It cannot be dried. You can tell that you are buying a fresh root if you see small buds on it. The growing procedure is not complicated. Prepare a mixture of peat and soil and put it in a flower pot. Then insert a rhizome in the flower pot, make sure that the buds are facing up and cover the rhizome with the prepared mixture of peat and soil. Make sure the rhizome is completely buried.


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A few tips on ginger growing

Place the flowerpot in a warm place where it gets enough sunshine and make sure that the soil is moist. The rhizome will germinate in about 3 weeks and it should grow quickly. After some time it begins to dry out and that is the right time when you remove it from the soil. But do not forget to leave a little piece of the root because you will plant it again. Just a little note. Ginger will not bloom in our climate, because our conditions are simply not good for it. However, if you are lucky enough you may see some blooming from time to time.

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