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Even though you will read below when to fertilize your roses, you should also use a common sense. The advice given below applies to regular conditions: i.e. we basically expect the weather to develop as each year so far and you grow your roses in an average soil – light to medium soil. This means for example, if you have a light and very permeable soil, you should start fertilizing and we recommend to do so at the end of June/beginning of July or in mid-June.

First fertilizing should be done in early spring

As soon as it is possible, (preferably in February before you remove covers from your roses) you can apply the first fertilizer. We recommend 60 to 80 grams of solid fertilizer (Cererit, etc.) per 1 m2. Make sure to spread the fertilizer evenly over the entire area. When you uncover roses, you can work the fertilizer into the topsoil.


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Mid-May – time for another fertilization

Once roses start to form buds, which should be sometime in mid-May, you should fertilize again. You may take advantage of rain for example and apply fertilizer after the rain. If there is no rain, you can water. You can use a fast-acting fertilizer (Herbasyn I, etc.) for moist soils – about 30 g of fertilizer per 10 l of water. Watering is important and each bush should receive up to three litres of the fertilizing solution.

Next fertilization: end of June/beginning of July

Use the same fertilizer you have used in mid-May, and in the same way. So, approximately 3 liters of the solution per bush. The soil needs to be moist.

Last fertilization: end of October/beginning of November

The turn of October and November is the time when you should fertilize for the last time. Use 30 g of chlorine-free potassium fertilizer (for example, potassium sulphate) and 30 g of phosphate fertilizer (for example, granular superphosphate) per 1 m2. If you want to pile soil around the bush for the winter, apply the fertilizer after you covered the plants.

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