The secret power of cucumber cocktail


Are you dying of thirst and know that your body is in a dire need of fluids? Dehydration is very dangerous, especially during hot days. Drinking plain water is usually the best thing to do, however, you can also try special “enhancing” drinks. Water with cucumbers for example, is an excellent choice. No, we do not mean the juice from pickles. We mean a regular glass of water flavoured with few cucumbers. This is a very simple cocktail that will enhance your immunity and give your body vitamins and minerals. Cucumbers are packed with antioxidant and we all know that antioxidants are able to get rid of toxins. So, what are the benefits of a cucumber cocktail and how to prepare it correctly?

Benefits of cucumber water in a nutshell

Let us start by saying that cucumber water reduces appetite and it is therefore a great all-year-round aid you can use if you want to lose weight. Cucumbers are known to promote youthful appearance! Because they contain silicon dioxide, which is great for your hair and skin.Cucumbers are also good for people with higher blood pressure, as they help keep blood pressure in check. Cucumbers also contain polyphenols called lignans which are believed to help fighting various types of cancer. Many pharmaceutical companies are trying to locate a substance called cuccurbitacin, which may be able to block growth of certain cancer cells.

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Cucumbers with lemon and mint

Our first tip is water with lemon, cucumbers and mint. Lemons also have a natural detoxifying effect and contain lots of vitamin C, and mint is very refreshing. All you need is about two litters of fresh water. Add chopped cucumbers, one large lemon and few mint leaves. Leave the jar in your fridge overnight and serve it with ice.

Water with cucumbers and basil

If you want something more aromatic, try cucumber and basil water. Again, two litters of water, two sliced cucumbers and a handful of basil leaves. Leave the jar in your fridge overnight and serve it the next day. Can’t get easier than that.

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