You may sow beetroot in July


Although many gardeners tend to sow beetroot early in the spring, it pays to wait. Beetroot planted this early has a tendency to bloom and you do not want that – and it also negatively affects the taste, but at the same time, beetroot cannot deal well with freezing temperatures, so July is the last month when you still can sow Since the growing season of beetroot is from 90 to 140 days (based on the weather), you don’t have to worry that you will not have time to harvest.

Beets for direct sowing

You do not need to pre-grow beetroot seeds. You may sow directly in the ground from the end of May until July. Make individual rows 30 – 35 centimetres apart. Put three seeds in individual nests and space nests about 20 centimetres apart. When the seeds sprout, separate and thin the plants – always leave the plant that looks the strongest (no signs of damage with beautiful leaves – and larger than those of the other plants).


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Caring for beetroot

Water seeds thoroughly right after you covered them with soil, and later, water only as needed – i.e. during hot days, which you may get plenty in this summer. Beetroot does not need to have a super nutritious soil, but it is good idea to fertilize during the growing season (use mature compost or extracts).

Which varieties should be sown in summer?

Choose varieties based on the length of the growing season to have enough time to harvest them. The growing season of 90 to 140 days is quite long. You can expect the first harvest at the end of summer. Choose varieties such as Renova, Pablo F1, Kahira or Monika as these varieties may be consumed immediately or after cooking.

What else can you do with beetroot?

Beetroot is a very healthy food, so you do not want to lose valuable nutrients so you should enjoy it fresh as much you can. This is the advantage you get when you sow in summer – the beetroot is smaller but it is tastier and excellent for direct consumption. Just cut it into thin slices and add it to any vegetable salad. Beetroot sown in summer is also great for canning – the whole root, but you can also cut it into slices, cubes or noodles and can it.

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