Why should you add carrot when cooking potatoes?


Potatoes are one of the main and most important foods all over the world. There are many ways how you can prepare potatoes but you should prepare potatoes in a certain way because you do not want to lose vitamins and other important substances. One of the ways how to protect potatoes from losing all the good stuff is to add carrot to the cooking pot. Carrot will help you to preserve vitamins and it will make boiled potatoes taste better.

Not trendy or still popular side dish?

We think that potatoes are great because they go well with many dishes. But potato can be much more than just a side dish as they are and excellent source of minerals and vitamins. It would be shame if you destroy these substances during cooking…


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What beneficial substances are we losing?

Well, there are a lot of beneficial substances in potatoes but mainly the following:

  • vitamin A and C,
  • vitamin B1, B2 and B6,
  • magnesium,
  • potassium,
  • sulphur

Our body needs many of these substances and cannot do without them.

How to retain nutrients in potatoes

Many of these beneficial substances disappear when you cook potatoes for a long time and at high temperatures. The so-called raw diet is very popular these days and it basically means that you cook your food at a maximum temperature of 42 °C.


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Add carrots

It is that simple. Why carrots? Well, because carrots contain beta-carotene, which can protect the beneficial substances in potatoes including vitamin C, which our body cannot make. If you are not getting enough fresh fruit or vegetables, you can be sure that you are low on vitamin C.

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