Most common dog feeding mistakes

Feeding dogs

Are you planning to get a dog? A great idea indeed, but know this: your dog will not only be joy, but also trouble. You will need to go to the vet from time to time, keep feeding it, you will have to start walking your dog and much more. But that is a topic for another article. Today, we shall look at the most common mistakes in dog nutrition.

Your dog has bad feeding habits

You need to provide high-quality and well-balanced feed if you want to keep your dog healthy and strong, but it is equally important to follow few basic feeding rules. So many people often make feeding mistakes – both consciously or unconsciously. Feeding mistakes can lead to poor digestion, health problems, or may even create dog training problems.

Do you feed your dog when you want?

Many dog owners feed their dogs when they have time. But dog should be fed regularly and possibly at the same time, which gives the dog a sense of security. It is best to feed your dog after the first morning walk. You may divide the feeding into morning and then evening feeding. But again, try to observe the feeding schedule. Further, let the dog rest for at least half an hour before feeding and also after feeding. If your dog is very active before or after feeding one of the reasons may be a torsion in the stomach. This mainly occurs in larger breeds and in older dogs.

Feeding dogs

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Treat pockets for dogs. Dogs love it but make sure you have good quality treats

Unfortunately, there are many poor quality feeds these days. Many feeds do not offer at least adequate nutrients that healthy dog needs. These bad quality feeds are usually full of various flavourings, dyes, salts and spices to make them more attractive and tasty to dogs. All these unhealthy ingredients are bad for digestion even though it may seem that your dog likes it. Try to feed your dog with high-quality granulated feed that does not contain soy, flavourings and other chemicals. Cold-pressed granules are also suitable. Always read the text on the back of the package and know what the feed is made of. If your dog is stubborn try adding a bit of canned dog sauce to the granulated feed. Further, you need to observe the weight and size of the feed rations. Dogs may love canned food but keep in mind that it contains salt, fats and preservatives, which are definitely not good for your dog. Only give dogs treats that are produced for dogs. Treats for dogs should not contain gluten, sugar and other ingredients that may harm your dog.

Feeding dogs

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All of us gave “something” to a dog from the table at some point…

All dogs will give you the sad look when you are sitting at the table and having dinner. All dogs hope that something will fall off the table… and many of us will give in and eventually give something little to the cute dog. But you should not do that. Firstly, it is not good from nutritional point of view as well as from educational and training point of view. This will only make the dog to beg for more and it will do it not only at home but also when you visit someone. Dogs are smart animals and they learn very quickly that a sad look will give them what they want. Try not to feed your dog when you are eating but finish your meal first and then feed your dog.

What about feed storage

Poor storage of dog food can lead to poor digestion or even more serious problems. We understand that it is a good idea to have a lot of feed stored at home, but just keep in mind that even dog food has its expiration date. If you have a large bag of pellets or granulated feed at home, do not open the bags and make sure that they are sealed. Feed can absorb moisture quickly and get mouldy and go bad. Further, do not store feed under direct sunlight. Choose a dry and dark place with no sunlight. If you have already opened the bag make sure to reseal it well. This will prevent spoilage and protect the feed from possible contamination by insects. Watch out for ants, because ants like granules very much.

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