White, yellow or red onions? There is more to the difference than just the color


Do you know how to properly use white, yellow and red onions? Is there any difference? When you go to the store you will probably see all three types on the shelves. Onion is onion but each variety offers specific properties and we should prepare different colors differently. So, where should you use a particular color of onion? We shall answer that in the following lines.

The “universal” yellow onion

The most frequently used type is the yellow onion. It is a crop with a truly versatile use. It has the typical brown skin and yellow-white flesh. Unlike red or white onions, yellow onion can withstand high temperatures and retain its distinct pungent aroma even when stewed or fried. That is good because sautéed onions are the basis for various stews, sauces and many other dishes. Yellow onions are often referred to as the queen of onions – they are also eaten raw, for example with steak tartare or various pressed sausages.


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Red onions are best fresh

If you need to use fresh onions and do not want to cook them, bet on the red one. It has a less pungent taste and a beautiful pleasant aroma. It tastes rather sweet and it is simply irreplaceable in cold dishes such as in vegetable salads or in a potato salad. Red onion is also used in hot dishes of course, but it loses its color quite quickly. When you need to make a stew or dish where a milder and sweeter aroma is required, red onion is great. We love red onions in a chutney, for example.


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White onions belong in cold sauces

White onions are, of course white, but may also have a touch of golden color. The flesh is deep white and the structure is somewhat thinner. When this onion is fried or sautéed in butter it becomes rather transparent and the taste tends to be weaker. It is also great in cold cuisine. Cooking is not recommended… It is widely used in various in spreads and even on hamburgers.


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