Growing parsley in winter. The trick of our grandmothers still works


Would you like to grow and use your own green parsley even in winter? Of course you would! Well, you can also go to a supermarket and buy parsley there… But that parsley is not the real stuff… Especially, when you can easily grow it at home and especially, when it is simple and almost effortless process. Our grandmothers used to grow parsley using this trick quite regularly to get enough vitamins even during harsh winter.These days we do not get huge snow and strong frosts, but we can still grow fresh parsley. How? Read on.

Good quality parsley is important

You need a good quality parsley to reap the benefits of parsley. If you still have some parsley stored in your basement, for example in sand, use it. But even the one you purchased in a supermarket should do, especially if you bought the organic one. Follow the trick and use the whole root, for example in a soup or some kind of sauce.You should consume the entire root and leave only the leaves with a bit of the top part. Cut it straight so that the parsley can “stand” up and the leaves are pointing upwards. See the picture.


Photo: Radek Štěpán

A magic with a cup and water

Find a cup and pour plain, clean tap water to cover the bottom. It is better if you let the water sit for a while but it is not necessary. The water does not have to be deep. About 0.5 cm is enough. Place the cut tops of parsley in the water so that the water almost covers them. Now, just wait for your parsley to start growing …

Patience is the virtue

Yes it is. Keep in mind that no all cuttings will start growing. Wait for 3 days to see if your parsley turns green. If it grows, wait for additional few weeks and you can harvest the leaves. See the progress in our picture. It worked like a charm. And the taste? Absolutely great, homegrown, no chemicals or any other nonsense.


Photo: Radek Štěpán

Preview photo: Radek Štěpán

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