When and how to prune indoor hibiscus? The traditional all-year cut will no longer do

Indoor hibiscus

We buy these beautiful plants mainly for their lovely flowers that decorate our homes and gardens. However, if your hibiscus tree resembles a “used broom” it will not serve you well… Is there anything that you can do to keep your houseplant nice all-year round? If your hibiscus struggles to keep its beauty you may try our “winter cut”.

Hibiscus tree comes from India and China and, with some exceptions, they can only thrive in a well-heated room. As for pruning, we usually do the cutting when the tree looks overgrown, or we just cut shoots in the spring (especially if spider mites or other parasites appear on them). However, not all hibiscus trees will tolerate such intervention well…

Once every year

If you observe the life cycle of hibiscus in the wild, you would learn that the best time for the tree to recover from pruning is during an early winter. You should start pruning by mid-February at the latest. For most hibiscus trees this is a period of rest. The last flowers appear sometime in October, and new ones come out in March.

Indoor hibiscus

Photo: Pixabay

When pruning you must follow certain rules. Take a look at the whole plant and shorten each branch by about half. It may seem too radical, but providing that your hibiscus lives in good conditions, it will re-grow really fast.

Our tip: Put the cut branches in a glass with water and they will take root quickly. You can also add a liquid growth stimulator or charcoal or cinnamon These ingredients support the formation of roots, and prevent the water from going bad.

So, you have pruned the tree – and now what? Well, you should put the scissors away and unless absolutely necessary do not use it again until next winter. In the spring, you may transplant your hibiscus or at least replace the top layer of soil in the pot. Good quality compost will suffice.

Do not forget fertilizing during the summer and make sure that it gets plenty of sunshine too, and when the winger comes, let the tree rest in a cool room – about 12 to 15 °C.If you follow these steps your hibiscus will reward you with lots of beautiful flowers during the next season.

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