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Eggs are very nutritious, we all know that, but peeling them can be annoying. However, if you do it correctly (or if happen to be lucky), it takes almost no time, but other times the eggshell seems to be stuck to the flesh to the point that you may lose your cool. But this does not have to be the case. If you know the right trick you can peel eggs quickly. We shall let you on the secret now. It is not complicated at all.

First, make sure you boil the eggs as usual

Boiling an egg is nothing difficult of course. Just put the eggs in the water and bring it to a boil and boil them for about 10 minutes if you want them cooked thoroughly. As soon as the eggs are fully cooked, pour all the hot water out of the pot and leave the eggs in the pot.


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A glass trick

Now remove the hot eggs from the pot. Use a glove or towel so you don’t get burnt – that is if you don’t want to wait. Now, take a sufficiently large glass to make sure that eggs will fit in easily. We used the traditional glass for fruit canning. Also make sure that you can cover the glass with something. A screw on cap is best. Now proceed as follows.


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And now the magic

Fill the glass with cold water. It should be ice cold. Let some water out of the facet first to make sure that it is really cold. You can also put the glass in the freezer in advance to keep the temperature of the glass as low as possible. Low temperature is very important for this trick. Cover the glass with a lid and gently shake it. It should be hitting the glass walls slightly. Do not worry about the glass it can take it, but the impact will crack the eggshell at many places and that is what you need need. Now remove the egg and peel it. You will see that it will be very easy. It may seem that this trick requires plenty of time and preparation, but in reality it does not. Especially, when you peeling more eggs. Give it a try!

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