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Everybody loves home grown vegetables but not everybody is willing to put the effort in. The most common veggies such as peppers and tomatoes are crops that no gardener can do without. Harvesting beautiful large bell peppers at home is a great satisfaction but also a valuable experience and the taste is fantastic of course. Nevertheless, growing peppers properly is not that easy and you may encounter some drawbacks. We shall tell you a simple trick to help you make sure that your harvest is solid every time. 

Flowering should not take place in flower pots

Our grandfathers knew very well that flowering time is a very important for proper growth and that is why they did not let peppers in flower pots during the blooming period. A flowering period is when plants transition from a vegetative stage to the reproductive stage. Vegetative organs such as leaves, stems and roots have already formed and now comes the time when the root system and especially fruits need to develop properly. That is why peppers should bloom outside. That allows them to form a large and strong root system, which plays an important role in big harvest. 


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Peppers need good care

Abundant watering is very important. You do not need to divide lower leaves and fruits as it does not make much sense.If the plant “feels” that it does not need the vegetative part, the leaves will turn yellow and fall off eventually. The actual removal of main flowers from plants is usually done for seedlings that have already bloomed in flower pots. If flowers are created inside a node (between strong stems), it is a good idea to remove them as large peppers could break the plant. 


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Low fruit

Sometime around mid-June you should remove lower fruits. The fruit does not have to be completely ripe. This step will help the plant to produce more fruit at higher levels. When you harvesting, you should pick peppers when they are ripening – this will “force” the plant to produce more fruit.

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