Time for radish sowing – in autumn: Easy to grow and loaded with vitamins

Autumn is already here and the unbearable hot weather has become a thing of the past. Autumn however, is also the time when you should pay attention to your garden. Apart from enjoying harvesting various fruits, you should also make time for vegetable sowing. Well, you will not be able to put much vegetable seeds in the ground, but do not forget radishes. These small and spicy balls are an excellent source of vitamins, especially when you are running out of tomatoes, peppers or other vegetables in your garden. What makes radishes so special and how long do they grow and how to grow them properly? Well, we shall tell you now and add a few interesting facts about radish “sowing procedure”.

A load of nutrients for the human body

First of all, it should be noted that radishes contain a lot of minerals and acids. As for vitamins, radishes contain plenty of E, D and C vitamins, and also thiamin and riboflavin. They are also rich in A vitamin known as carotene. And as for minerals, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, copper and phosphorus are the most abundant minerals in radishes. However, you will also find proteins, lipids and folic acid. Radishes also contain mustard oils that support proper digestion. Folic acid supports blood creation and positively affects brain activity. So, after reading radishes your mood should also improve! And finally, radishes can also prevent the formation of gallstones.

radishesPhoto: Pixabay

Radishes only grow for 25 days

True, and we shall add that the main radish season comes in the spring because they are sown as one of the first crops. They are not grown during the summer because they would not grow much and would be very spicy due to the high temperatures. Radishes are sown into prepared rows, which may be rather shallow – a simple groove is sufficient. Maintain the rows about 10 cm apart. Cover seeds with soil after sowing. If you want to skip the thinning process later, sow seeds evenly apart from each other – 2 cm will do.

radishPhoto: Pixabay

Maybe you didn’t know…

Radishes come from China, but cultivation has already began in the ancient Egypt. Allegedly, radishes were given to workers who build the pyramids as a reward, but surprisingly they did not come to Europe until the beginning of the 16th century. You may grow radishes in boxes, but you will get better results in your garden. Another fun fact is that the so-called Night of the Radishes event is held every year in Oaxaca, Mexico – on December 23.

Photo: Pixabay

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