Thymus: A Forgotten Beauty


Thymus (Thyme) is a popular herb and is very similar to another plant – Thymus vulgaris. It has a wide range of uses and it is widely used in kitchen, but also in medicine. It is very aromatic, very popular and often grown. However, many people are not sure how to grow it properly. So let us repeat few rules so you can avoid common mistakes.

Reasons for cultivation

The obvious reason for its popularity is the pleasant scent but, it also has healing effects, and you may find it in beauty products too. This perennial will easilylive for five years at one spot. Caring for thymus is not difficult at all. The most important thing is to use high quality seeds and provide a suitable habitat. You can grow thymus in your garden, but also on a rockery, on your balcony, or right in your home.

wild-thymePhoto: Pixabay

Let us get to it

If you want keep your plant happy and healthy, choose a sunny site and loamy, permeable soil. A suitable soil should be slightly calcareous and alkaline. Choose a spot with direct sunlight. Drought and heat do not really matter . On the contrary. Thymus loves heat. But protect your plant from strong winds. You can pre-grow thymus, or you may plant seeds directly at the selected location. Sow in rows about 40 cm apart. Gently push seeds into the soil . Best time for sowing is March or April.

Thymus’ life

Thymus blooms from May to September. During the blooming time you should collect leaves tie them into bundles and dry them. You may use the bundles to decorate your room. Leaves will reward you with a pleasant aroma making the entire room smell great.. Prune the plant during spring to autumn (even after the plant has already bloomed) and do it regularly. Otherwise, thymus may become too strong and may have tendency to spread around. 

Photo: Pixabay

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