Thuja hedge: The great loss of small gardens


Did you have enough of looking at a regular and faded fence made of a wire net? Yes, we know it is not particularly pretty sight, but if you have a small garden, it is often a better solution than thuja trees, which are most frequently used for “living screens”. And why it is not the best solution? Are there any other trees or shrubs you should plant? Well read on and we shall tell you why.

Even the initial investment is not small when you buy thuja

You will have to reach deeper into your pocket when buying these popular trees. Thujas are, rather narrow and small at first, so you need quite a lot of them to create a sufficient hedge, but over time they get bigger and form a compact impermeable wall. But this process takes several years. And with even more time, your fence will be very dense and will get wider, so it will reduce the space in your small garden and no one really wants that. Well, a different situation is when you have a garden area exceeding 500 m2 where a large fence will not bother you.

stay-in-the-gardenPhoto: Pixabay

Combine different kinds of shrubs

If you need to deal with a small area, try using other ornamental trees to build a hedge. They may be a little more transparent, but they will certainly do the job. There are various woody plants available that only grow up to 1 meter wide. Well, you can reach 1 meter with thujas too, but it will be almost impenetrable. For example, (Carpinus), known as common hornbeam or privet look very nice. Some may prefer (Hedera helix) – common ivy. Prickly but very original choice is a (Pyracantha ), known as firethorn, which produces elegant red balls.

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You need to know what to plant and where

If you want to have a really compact and full hedge made of the trees recommended above, have a professional do it for you. Only professional can advise you what varieties are suitable for shady areas such as lilacs or golden rain (Laburnum anagyroides) and help you with the entire process. Rhododendrons for example will thrive on the northern side. He will tell you the exact distances between plants or from your fence and will help you to grow a hedge of your dreams.

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