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Cucumber canning is in full swing, so let us focus on pickles. We are all looking forward to harvesting them. Canned cucumbers or pickles come really handy during cold winter days when we can munch on them. We will not be discussing the process of cucumber canning but rather focus on the origin of pickles, the time and method of harvest, and we will also list some of the most popular varieties.

Pickles originate in Iran

It may sound unbelievable, but pickles come from the western area of Iran. These cucumbers are short but strong and quite prickly fruits and are best for pickling. If you try to consume these prickly little fellows directly you will not enjoy it. Traditionally, they are grown outdoors, and usually on a some kind of net so that they can be harvested from the net and not from the ground where they would rot quickly.

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Morning harvest is best

If possible, try to pick up your cucumbers in the morning. The sun is not so hot and pickles did not have enough time to warm up. This way cucumbers remain strong and will last longer. We are sure that you have seen that, especially in supermarkets, cucumbers are rather weak and even mushy. That is not good.

Regular picking intervals

Regular harvesting intervals are very important. If you prefer cucumbers about 5 cm long, you need to collect them every 2 to 3 days, but if you prefer longer pickles, let them grow for a little longer. Larger cucumbers are used in central Europe to make so-called Czech-style pickles. They are fermented in a salty brine with additional spices.


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What are the best known varieties of pickles?

In central Europe you may found about 34 different varieties so you have a rather solid number of different cultivars to choose from. We shall list some of the most famous ones as they are called in central Europe, especially in Czech Republic: Blanka, Admira, Alena, Nora, Dana or Hana. But do not despair. It is not so important which one you choose as they are very similar and you will be happy with the results no matter which one you choose.

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