The most common watermelon diseases


Do you have watermelons in your garden? Well, it is not that rare these days because even in our climate, people have grown these wonderful sweet fruits successfully. Watermelons, or any other melons, are plants similar to cucumbers, zucchini or pumpkins and as any plants, watermelons can be attacked by various diseases. We shall look at the basic and most common diseases in the following lines. Unfortunately, there are many diseases that can attack your watermelons.


We can start with deformed fruits. Most often these deformations are very small, they quickly turn yellow and then black. And what is the cause of the deformation? Most often, it is an imperfect pollination of female flowers.

Black rot on fruits

Unfortunately, this very dangerous disease attacks all types of cucurbit vegetables. It makes leaves to turn brown, mainly from the edge down to the centre. Shoots become watery and gradually turn brown too. This disease can kill all your plants in a matter of few days.

WatermelonPhoto: Radek Štěpán

Too much water

Watermelons need water but they do not need to swim in it… Too much water chokes the roots to the point that they cannot breathe and if that happens, you will notice the typical yellowing of the leaves.

Falling sprouts

This set of fungal diseases attacks already at the beginning of the cultivation process and many gardeners probably know what we talk about. When the plant is attacked, the root neck gradually becomes watery, rots and soon the plant simply falls down.

Magnesium deficiency

Abiotic disorders also include magnesium deficiency. It is a disease that gradually turn the colour of leaves.

Photo: Radek Štěpán

Snails and moles

A wide variety of slugs and snails represent a great threat for watermelons because these creatures love to munch on leaves, stems and fruits. A mole on the other hand will lift your plants together with roots from the ground making them unable to receive water and necessary nutrients.

Red spider mite

This pest is able to attack a large number of vegetables and most often you will find in greenhouses and other enclosed cultivation spacesYou know that you got the red spider mite if you see little cobwebs on your plants.

Fruit cracking and excessive heat

Irregular watering usually causes fruit cracking. Excessive heat further exacerbates this problem. Your plant may be even suffering from siriasis.

Preview photo: Radek Štěpán

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