The fight between yellow and green zucchinis. Who is the winner?


Do you have zucchini in your garden? Of course you do, because this wonderful vegetable is a must in any garden and you can prepare many delicious dishes from it. In Central Europe there are two most popular varieties and each has a specific colour – yellow and green. We shall compare these two varieties in the following lines. If you grow green in your garden, you may be thinking about getting the yellow type and vice versa. Well, that is normal but do not despair because both are worth growing. That is a fact that we stand by even before we start.

Yellow Zucchinis are Tougher

Well, that is true but you cannot tell when your zucchinis are still young, but if you let them grow a little, you will find that they are tougher indeed, as the skin is practically impermeable. The good thing is that snails and other creatures that would like to enjoy the flesh also have a big problem getting through it. Just use a sharp hand peeler and you will be ok.


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The Flesh Colour is also Different

When you cut it, you can tell that you have a yellow zucchini. The colour of the flesh is by no means as deep green as it is in green types of zucchini. But if you grill or bake it, you will most likely not be able to tell the difference.

Yellow Zucchinis offer Longer Harvest Time

Do you want to harvest zucchini for a long time? Then plant the yellow variant. Growth requirements are the same, but yellow zucchini will last longer and you will probably be able to harvest the fruits until the first frosts hit. So, if you want to enjoy fresh zucchinis longer do not plant the green varieties as they deteriorate quickly in lower temperatures.

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Similar in Taste

When raw, zucchini are practically tasteless and that is the reason why they are not consumed in raw stage, but when cooked you will be able to taste it. The taste is excellent and there is no difference in taste between the yellow and the green type. So, there is no winner and the choice is entirely up to you.<

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