Sweet potatoes vs. potatoes: A straight fight ending in a draw

Do you think of sweet potatoes as of potatoes that are just a little bit sweeter? Well, even the English name “sweet potatoes” clearly indicates that they are potatoes but are simply sweeter. Sweet potatoes are also root tubers similar to potatoes, but they are not potatoes. Ipomoea batatas belongs to the bindweed family. Yes, sweet potatoes have nothing to do with “our” potatoes used all over the world. Let us compare these two plants. Just for fun.

Potatoes are much better known

Of course. However, in Europe sweet potatoes were known before potatoes but they never gained much popularity. There are few reasons. Probably the first one is the fact that they are quite large and hard to handle – even during planting. Working with potatoes is easier and you will get more potatoes from a smaller area. Sweet potatoes also have a strong taste, which was not a big hit with the public at that time.

PotatoesPhoto: Pixabay

Sweet potatoes are healthier

If your health is the most important factor, then sweet potatoes are clearly the winner. The composition of both crops is very similar, but sweet potatoes contain more carbohydrates. Both “potatoes” also contain vitamin C, calcium, potassium and lots of antioxidants. So what makes sweet potatoes healthier? Sweet potatoes have higher content of beta carotene, which is hidden in the skin. Just for you information. One cup of sweet potatoes contains 375% of the total daily allowance of beta-carotene. Sweet potatoes also contain cyanidin, which is another strong antioxidant. Sweet potatoes are considered a crop with a low glycemic index, despite the fact that they are sweeter.


Photo: Pixabay

And what about the taste?

It is very difficult to determine the winner. Lovers of exotic flavours will probably go for sweet potatoes (they come from Central and South America). However, the majority of Europeans will probably go for potatoes. Different people have different taste…

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