Spring strawberry planting: Manual and instructional video


Strawberries – great fruits that both children and adults love. That is if they are properly ripened and taste as they should. Sometimes the opposite is true. We all know that supermarkets sometimes offer fruit which is rotten or otherwise degraded. That is why it pays to put forward a little effort and grow strawberries at home, especially when it is not that difficult. All you need is few tools, diligence and enthusiasm. We shall describe each aspect of the growing process in more detail. If you want, check our instructional video, which will explain step-by-step how to plant strawberries in your garden.

High quality soil is necessary

First, make sure to prepare the flower bad as best as you can. Use fine soil, best mixed withpeat or compost. We have selected compost as it provides plenty nutrients that strawberries require. A good idea is to select a location which is exposed to sunlight for the most part of the day. Strawberries do very well in sunlight. Enough sunlight will increase the size of your fruits and improve the taste.

Do not forget to use non-woven textile

Weed is the biggest nightmare of all gardeners. You should definitely buy a non-woven textile to prevent the growth of weed. Textile cover will literally suffocate the weed. Simply stretch and put the non-woven textile directly onto the flower bed, mark the spots where you want to plant your strawberries with a chalk and cut them out. Then you push a dibber through the cuts to make small holes. Remove the textile where needed and dig larger holes.

Use fertilizer and water

Before planting you may pour water into the hole. When you finish planting, water strawberries once more to provide enough moisture. If you have nutritious soil, fertilization may not be needed, but if you want to use fertilizer, choose manure mixed with water. It is also advisable to fertilize in the fall.

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