Spring is here. Non-traditional decoration tips


Having primroses or daffodils into your apartment is nothing special. These are very popular flowers. When they are done blooming you can transplant them to your garden or throw them in the trash – depending how well you have taken care of them. Yes, many people do that. However, there is another way – you can create a very rich and brightly colored display of flowers on your inner windowsill.

You surely pass by some flowers sold in many garden shops without realizing that they can also thrive in your home – and many even all year round. Let us show you the three most interesting ones.

Senecio offers various multi-colored combinations

Senecio has been available in stores only in the last few years and only certain varieties. Senecio cruentus Senecio produces beautiful flowers and can certainly compete with other popular flowers, and it even lasts longer. It resembles a daisy, but grows in much larger clumps. The colors range from blue and purple to pink to white but they are also multi-colored varieties.


Photo: Pixabay

Senecio comes from Africa and if you want to grow it at home choose the east or west window (a sunny location without direct heat). Water regularly and fertilize twice a month – using fertilizers intended for flowering plants. You will be rewarded with up to six weeks of persistent flowering. Make sure to keep the correct temperature range because high temperatures could harm it. You can throw it away when the blooming is over – It is only an annual flower in Europe.

You can grow bellflowers (Campanula) all year round

Yes, that is true but you have to choose the right species. Our favorite is campanula isophylla which is available with blue or white flowers. It requires rather cooler environment, so you can put it on the outside windowsill and keep it there for the entire year. If you want, you can also plant it in a flowerbed in your garden. Make sure you do not water it too much and if you don’t, it will do well in a partial shade too.


Photo: Pixabay

The slipper flower (Calceolaria) will bloom for one year only

Just like senecio, you can purchase the slipper flower in many stores where it is sold under the names of Calceolaria darwinii or Calceolaria integrifolia. It will please you with bright yellow or tiger-like pattern flowers and velvety leaves. It also requires a cooler place, diffused light and careful watering, and if you spray moist on it every day, it can probably last you for more than a month.

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