Simple way how to extend shelf life of stored potatoes


Potato harvest is here and the vast majority of the harvest is being stored in cellars and other suitable places. Well, that is normal. Simply put, autumn is the right time to stock up. But potatoes need to be stored correctly to make sure that they last as long as possible. But what is the correct way? And what about if you do not have a suitable cellar? Well, that could be a problem. Many people do not know much about potato storage and risk that their harvest will go bad. So where to store potatoes, what you should use for storage and how to make your potatoes last as long as possible?

A high-quality cellar is necessary

Potatoes should be stored in a cellar that is not very humid and where the temperature remains above freezing all year round. If you do not have space like that, then you should purchase a suitable heating system to maintain the temperature within the proper range. Best cellar or basement is one that is outside of the house.

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Use boxes or bags

There are several methods how to store potatoes but most often people store potatoes in bags, boxes or crates. Storing potatoes in bags is easy but getting potatoes out of the bags may be a challenge sometimes. Be extremely careful when storing potatoes in bags or crates. Any damage will eventually turn potatoes into rotting stuff. Remove all cut potatoes or any potatoes that are already show signs of deterioration.


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Cumin is a great helper

An excellent choice are bags impregnated with cumin essential oils. Potatoes will last longer in impregnated bags. Cumin is able to slow down cell division, which takes place during germination, and it can also protect potatoes from rotting. If you store potatoes in crates, you will not be able to add cumin easily. Just an idea. Grind cumin and put it in bags and let it work its magic. We have not tried it yet. But it cost almost nothing and we think it is worth the try.

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