Removing weeds from your lawn is not that difficult


Every garden owner likes to show off a beautiful, weed-free lawn. Unfortunately, you will never be able to get rid of all weeds, but the good news is that weed removal may not be all that difficult. You can go for physical removal or you may use chemicals. Let us give you some tips how to keep your lawn weed-free.

Weeds in your lawn

The most famous dicotyledonous weeds that you find in your lawn include bellis, dandelion, yarrow, plantago, buttercup, red clover or speedwell. The best approach is to prevent weeds from growing in the first place. Make sure to select high-quality seeds, focus on soil preparation and observe proper sowing times. The next step is to care for your lawn properly. If you have an older lawn, you should fertilize and mow it regularly and evenly. This way you create dense vegetation that will partially prevent the growth of weeds. Do not be afraid to use grass mixtures to regenerate and restore damaged lawns. Sufficient watering will prevent damage and keep your lawn health.

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This weed removal method is more common. You have to pull the weeds out but make sure you pull out the roots too, otherwise they will to grow back. Try to pluck weeds when the soil is slightly wet as you will be able to get the root out easier, but you will not get all the roots out. Some weeds just will not let you get the root out. In that case you have no choice but use weed removal chemicals.

Chemical weed control

First you need to know, which weeds are most spread in your lawn. Some are resistant to herbicides. You can apply chemicals in the form of dust or mist. Trastan, Lontrel or Starane are almost guaranteed to get you the results you want. Bofix product is a combination of the last two. Chemicals are most effective when applied in the early and late summer. Apply chemicals to the affected areas when the lawn is wet – it will adhere better. Let it work for a week and do not step on the lawn under any circumstances. Do not let animals to walk on it either. When the first week passes, mow the lawn with a lawn mower. This way you should destroy a significant portion of weeds. If you are not satisfied, repeat the process or try using different chemical.

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