Plants that can survive even in dark and shadowy corners of your house


If you live in a regular house or apartment and not in a beautiful sunny apartment, then you should read this article. We shall tell you about indoor plants that you can place in dark rooms or corners and still watch them grow. Some of you may already know them, but others may find a new inspiration… In any case, you should check our list.


This classic plant has very beautiful serrated and sometimes multicoloured leaves that you will enjoy. The darker the space, the better. Seriously. Always avoid sunny areas. The plant hates them.


Dracaena is super easy to grow. It will not get mad at you if you forget to water it few times or even if you water it too much. Dracaena has long pointed leaves and looks very nice and again, be careful not to expose it to direct sunlight!

Chlorophytum comosum commonly known as the spider plant

Also, this plant will please you with nice green leaves (which are sometimes interlaced with a light green to yellow band in the middle). They are very pleasing to the eye. It gained its popularity mainly due to its very undemanding nature. Water it when you remember and it will not complain because it deals with irregular watering well… An additional benefit is the fact that it purifies the air your room.


Commonly known as baby’s tears or peace in home, has typical small green leaves that give the plant a spherical shape. The plant looks very nice alone but it is a great companion for taller plants as well. Soleirolia needs regular moistening – use an atomizer. Caution – do not put soleirolia together with plants that are shorter because shorter plants may fade away when they share the same space.


Ferns mainly come from dark and humid rainforests so, if you decide to grow them, do not forget about regular watering and moistening. If you want to save yourself some work, place it in a bathroom or in a humid room.


This plant is also rather undemanding. You can place it in a dark, cramped corner and it will still do fine and even clean the air in the room. But be aware because it can grow very tall – even several meters tall. So, if you want it to keep its shape you need to trim it regularly.


Photo: Pixabay


In addition to green leaves, this plant also gives you a colourful flower. It can live in an environment with purely artificial lighting, which is why it is often found in offices.

Spathiphyllum, sometimes called a peace lily

Piece lily has green leaves and produces a beautiful white heart-shaped flowers. It is suitable for anyone who has a darker place but still want to decorate a dark room with flowers.


Aglaonema, commonly known as Chinese evergreen, is a beautiful plant with green leaves and with a light pattern on them. It is very attractive and does well in darker spaces. It’s a very resilient plant that will not fade easily. This is why many people who do not have time or do not know how to take care of plants properly love this one.

Preview photo: Pixabay

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