Eggshells do not belong in trash – you can still use them for other purposes


Eggs are one of the most important foods and no one can imagine cooking or baking without eggs. Unfortunately, we only use what is inside the eggshell and throw away the rest. It is a shame because eggshells represent a valuable resource which certainly does not belong in the trash. As you will learn, eggshells have many different uses in the household but especially in the garden. The use of eggshelves in garden is the topic of today’s article. We should point out in advance that if you want to reuse eggshelves, you should crack eggs carefully to avoid damage to the shelves as much as possible. However, if you damage the shelf too much you can still use it for other purposes. You will see in the following lines.

A popular spring sowing? Yes, directly into eggshells

Are you ready to sow some traditional plants? If so, consider using eggshells. Just put the substrate directly into eggshells. Make a little hole in the bottom of the shell, fill it with the proper soil, sow the seed, and put the shells back in the paper plate or crate. Water the filled shells, relax and wait for the seeds to germinate.


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Get rid of the itch after an insect bite

If possible, we all want to protect ourselves from insect bites. To do so, mix crushed eggshells with an apple cider vinegar and leave the mixture alone for a few days. This is an excellent treatment for insect bites because it can reduce swelling and itching. This process creates calcium acetate, which is also added to many commercial creams. Just store the solution in your refrigerator.

Protect your vegetables from slugs

When your vegetables start sprouting the chances are that you will get snails. Seedlings are like a magnet to them. If you throw shells around your young veggies you will create many difficult obstacles for snails and you may even save your harvest in the end… Worth trying, right?


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Protect tomato flowers from rotting

Next time before you plant tomato seedlings, try putting crushed eggshells into the holes. Your tomatoes will get an excellent source of calcium, and you will reduce the chance that your tomato will get fungi or rot.

Lime for the lawn

Crushed shells are excellent for your lawn. Mainly at places where you have moss. Mix crushed eggshells in a blender and then scatter the powdery stuff around your lawn.

Great for compost too

Of course, eggshells are excellent for compost because calcium is a welcomed addition to your natural fertilizer.

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