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Pears are among the most popular fruits that ripen in autumn but there are varieties that are already ripening. But how can you tell whether a pear is ripe enough? Well, before we focus on the fruit ripening process in more detail, let us take a look at the most popular varieties grown in Central Europe and how to store pears properly.

There are plenty of varieties all around us

You can choose from many interesting varieties. Those that ripen in July include for example, Čáslavka Williamsova (Pyrus communis), known as the common pear, and those that ripen in autumn include Nitra or Conference pear . They are both excellent. As for the winter varieties we shall mention Jana, Lucasova and Bohemica. There are also interesting varieties that are able to grown in a limited and confined space. These are called minaret pear trees and may be grown in a container for example.

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Can You Tell Whether Your Pears are Ripe or Not?

Well, it is not that complicated but pears should be harvested a bit earlier, before they can fully ripen. If you miss, you will have floury or dried fruits that are neither tasty nor storable. Try this. Hold the fruit and try turning it around slowly. If the stem easily separates from the branch, then pears are ready for harvest, but as with any crops, the actual harvest time also depends on the specific variety you have.

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Storing Pears

Pears are best stored at a dry and cool place. Traditionally, pears are placed in crates in a cellar. Monitor the fruit and check whether signs of ripeness start to appear around the skin. The flesh around the stem gradually softens. Before consuming pears that show signs of ripeness, place them in a room with temperature of around 18 degrees Celsius for 2 to 3 days. Interestingly enough, there are also varieties that never fully ripen, for example the Catillac .

How to Extend The Shelf Life of Pears?

Easily. Dip the ends of stems into a melted wax. This slows down the ripening process and makes pears last longer.

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