Mulch around fruit trees as a necessity


In summer, fruit trees suffer from a lack of moisture just like any other plans. Unfortunately, regular watering of fruit trees has become reality. But even regular watering may not be enough. It is extremely important to keep the moisture right next to the tree. Fruit trees usually have shallow roots and the moisture dries out quicker around them but there is a rather simple way to keep moisture at the right place. All you need is a mulch made out of cut grass. Mulch from cut grass can help you retain the moisture for a longer time.

Cut your grass and set around the trunk

There is nothing easier. Just start your lawn mower, mow the entire lawn and you have plenty of mulch. Place individual piles of grass around your trees. The thicker the layer, the more moisture it will retain. Grass will dry out quite a bit over time, but lower layer should remain moist. A good idea is to loosen the soil well before placing the mulch layer around the trunk to prevent formation of a hard crust.

mulchPhoto: Radek Štěpán

Make sure that your grass is not be sprayed with chemicals

This is important. It often happens that a two-component fertilizer was applied, which eliminates other plants. Grass sprayed with chemicals does not belong to the mulch mixture. If you already applied fertilizer, then wait until the next mowing. This will prevent unnecessary problems. Sometimes, even your pets may come into contact with the grass and consuming it may even harm them!
Mulch tree
Photo: Radek Štěpán

You will be able to retain moisture but…

Mulch is able to retain enough moisture, but do not expect to get away with watering. Fruit-bearing fruit trees simply require a lot of water. If they get enough water, they easily keep the fruit. Ideally, you should used rainwater to water your trees and the best time is in the evening or morning. Get a bigger water reservoir or barrel. Big 1,000 l plastic barrels are very popular.

Photo: Radek Štěpán

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