Do you have problems with cats in your garden? Learn how to deal with rowdy cats


Cats are beautiful and cute animals, but if there are many of them (or if they are particularly persistent), they can sabotage much of your gardening efforts! However, we are animal lovers, and we do not like to scare cats with chemicals or other harsh methods that can even endanger their lives. We rely completely on natural and, above all, cheap “deterrents”.

Cats do not like strong smells…

Well, at least some of them. Using the right aromas or smells usually works. They can really discourage cats from entering your garden, they are not harmful in any way, and give you the desired result.

Vinegar and citrus peel aroma

You probably did not know that, did you? Get sufficient amount of preferably fresh lemon peel and vinegar, and go on a tour – around your flower beds. Stop at places your cat likes to visit and pour vinegar or sprinkle with a thick layer of lemon peel. If there is a popular corner your cats love the most, you may have to go to the site every day and rebuild the “cat barrier” before you win over these furry pets and get them out of your property. In the end, even the most stubborn master of its territory usually retreats and lets your garden alone.

catPhoto: Pixabay

Cayenne pepper, ground coffee and more …

Another thing that cats really hate is cayenne pepper . If you want an immediate result, pour a larger amount of cayenne pepper around the places where your cats walk or where they like to stop to do their morning things. Yes, they will sneeze, but otherwise it will not hurt them in any way. This trick is often used for dogs too. It is a strong medicine yes, but only in very few cases we heard of mild eye irritation symptoms.

And just like cayenne pepper, regular pepper works well too, or even ground coffee beans . Just know that you will have to do it again after rain. At least until the cats learn their lesson and avoid your territory.

Photo: Pixabay

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