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Many of us know that ordinary vinegar is a much-needed ingredient and that many recipes require vinegar. But there are many other uses too, as evidenced by many housewives and experienced maids who use vinegar for various cleaning purposes. But vinegar is also great for your garden. If you never heard about using vinegar in a garden, you are in the right place. We shall look at this “magical” ingredient in more details.

Vinegar can help you save damaged trees

Getting rid of gummousis has never been easier and vinegar is a great for this. Our ancestors used sage leaves to save fruit trees. Leaves were used to treat cut wounds on a tree bark. You can use ordinary vinegar as a disinfectant and it will work brilliantly.

Clay pot cleaning

Because salt acts on the clay of flower pots, the surface gets dirty and ugly, and over time, the surface will appear more and more destroyed. The good news is that you can use a solution of vinegar and water in 1:3 ratio to clean it. One part of vinegar and three parts of water should be strong enough.

Great booster for hortensias (Hydrangea)

Vinegar is great for plants that require acidic soil. Just mix a cup of vinegar in five litters of water. Pour the mixture around your plants and the effect should be almost immediate. Literally. Vinegar is a great booster for hydrangeas, gardenias or rhododendrons.

Grass on your sidewalk – vinegar again

Concentrated vinegar is able to destroy grass and mosses growing around your sidewalkand through the joints in pavement. To get rid of this nuisance, pour undiluted vinegar into an atomizer bottle and then spray the gaps and other spots, where you do not want grass, and that is it. Your problem should go away soon.

VinegarPhoto: Radek Štěpán

Say no to ants

Ants are great and hardworking creatures, but you don’t want them crawling on your patio – and again, you can use vinegar and water mixed 1:1 ratio to tell ants to go away.Pour the mix on places where ants hang around. The strong smell of vinegar will drive them away. Guaranteed.

VinegarPhoto: Pixabay

Make cut flowers last longer

To extend the life of cut flowers in a vase, simply mix a litter of water with two spoons of vinegar and one spoon of sugar. Pour it in a jar or vase and cut flowers will stay fresh longer.

Repel fruit flies

To get rid of fruit flies, try mounting a special vinegar bait on fruit trees. Mix a cup of vinegar, with a cup of water and add a tablespoon of molasses, and a quarter cup of sugar. Hang the cup on your tree and fruit flies will fall in love with the sweet cup… and will leave your tree alone.

Keep your tools shiny

Sometime it is very difficult to get rid of rust destroying your garden tools. Try soaking your tools in undiluted vinegar for some time. Vinegar will eat the rust and your tools will be shiny again.

Excellent fungicide

Vinegar is also used to fight various moulds and fungi. Boil two spoons of vinegar with chamomile tea. Let it cool and spray it on affected trees.

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