How to properly feed birds. Do not make the same mistakes over and over again


There are many myths surrounding this seemingly simple activity and we shall look at some of them. So when and how should you feed birds? We are happy to tell you.

First of all, forget the myth saying that birds need to be fed all year round! . Yes, we want to help birds, but by setting everything up for them they will lose their natural eating habits and that will do them no good. They will get used to it and they may not be able to find food later – when you remove the feeder one day. This could really happen.

When should you feed

The rule of thumb is from November to March. And it does not matter what the outside temperature is. Remember that birds need the most energy during night because they need to keep warm. So feeding must be available not only in the morning, but also in the early evening. If they do not find food at the usual location, they often have a hard time to find food at another location.

Another rule of thumb says that the higher the snow cover, the more feed you should put in the feeder and vice versa. You can find many bird feeders in stores, but you should really avoid feeders made out of metal. Metal freezes easily and birds can slip. Don’t be fooled by their nice looks – they often look like beautiful houses…


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Diversity is most important

If you don’t know what feed to prepare, go to the pet store and get some mix made specifically for small birds. It is not a good idea to use a single type of feed/seeds, e.g. only sunflower or leftover nuts. Just like humans, birds need variety to get all the vitamins they need. Various baked goods (due to high salt content), kitchen waste or spicy foods are bad for them so do not put those foods in feeders.

However, ravens and swans are an exception because they do not mind a little salt in their bread. They love bread, and you can also give them boiled tendons and other small leftover pieces of meat. Avoid pastry and bread with poppy seeds. Poppy seeds can cause drowsiness and hypothermia at night… And the smaller the bird, the worse the consequences.

In addition to the traditional feeds, don’t be afraid to put grated raw carrots in the feeder. Common blackbirds and various song thrushes will also eat an apple stuck on the fence, for example.

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