How to make stubborn orchids flower again. Guaranteed


Orchids usually produce flowers regularly but sometimes they may be stubborn and refuse to make you happy. Not acceptable. Yes they bloom when you bring them from the store but later they refuse to produce flowers. You will most likely encounter the same problem if you use a rhizome that you got from an older plant. They grow happily sure, but they do not produce any flowers.

So, how do you get them to produce flower? You can try expensive fertilizers and life boosters, or you can use your pantry to help you.


We have a simple garlic trick that we would like to share with you. The whole procedure is very simple. Boil one litre of water, crush three garlic cloves and add them to boiling water. Cover with a lid and let it sit for 24 hours. Cover is very important otherwise you may end up with all sorts of bugs in the water. Strain it and you have a ready-made natural fertilizer for orchids.


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How to use a garlic fertilizer

Simply immerse the flowerpot in a bucket with your garlic fertilizer . Leave the orchid in the water for thirty minutes, then take it out and let it drain well. You may also use this fertilizer for regular watering.

But make sure you do not use it more than once a month and use it for healthy plants only. If you try this procedure on orchids that for some reason are not doing well and are weak already, you will most likely kill them. Other than that you do not need to worry as this procedure is rather gentle and works for all types of orchids.

When will you see the effects of the garlic fertilizer?

The first buds should appear after about 2-3 months, but we recommend fertilizing even after that. Another important thing. Always return the flower pot back to the same position as before, otherwise the orchid may drop all buds and you don’t want that especially, if you put so much effort in. And lastly, when the winter comes, make sure that buds do not lean against the cold window glass. It may sound like a trivial matter but orchids don’t like that.

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