How to keep dill fresh with no freezing


Just like many other herbs dill is best when taken straight from your own garden. Fresh dill is also a good remedy for number of digestive problems, including bloating, abdominal cramps or loss of appetite and dill seeds are used to treat urinary problems. New mothers use it to support milk production for example. It has no side effects, so even small children can use it.

Dill sauces and soups

If you want to include dill in your diet, then just do it because it is very easy. You can prepare the typical dill sauce for example, but if you are one of those who do not particularly like this type of sauce, then go for the dill soup or the so-called “kulajda” – a popular dish in Eastern Europe. Even if you do not like the sauce you will like the soup. Another option is to add dill to various vegetable salads. The smell of dill is intoxicating – in a good way of course.

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Fresh dill for months

Unfortunately, the time when you can pick fresh dill at your own the garden is limited in our climate, so we have no other option but to figure out how to store dill and keep it fresh as long as possible. Freezing is the most common method and it is fairly effective, but it is not the only one. A better way to keep dill fresh is to store it in glass containers in your refrigerator. It is super easy. All you need is dill, a knife and a jar with a lid.

Dill from a jar

First, have several glass containers with lids ready. Wash them and dry them carefully. Chop the dill (it does not need to be very fine) and put it in the glass containers. Close the lid and you are done! Dill stored in glass containers and in the refrigerator should last you for two to three months and you will have fresh dill ready for you recipes!

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