How to freeze a carp to keep it fresh for Christmas Day


Do you know any die-hard fisherman? Have you been tempted to get your Christmas carp right from the pond, but at the same time you know that you will not be able to keep it fresh? Well, try our method and even the strictest connoisseur will not be able to tell that you got your carp several weeks ago.

It will require some discipline on your part. You need to clean and prepare the meat properly and and you need to forget about quick thawing.

Freeze the carp in a water container

Use a large plastic container with a lid or at least strong freezer bag. Put the carp in it and pour water in. Very simple indeed, but make sure you have enough space in your freezer. The ideal temperature is-18 °C and your carp will last for several months and it will not absorb the smell from the fridge, as other foods often do.

Our tip: just clean the meat and cut it into servings if you want. Anything else such as adding salt or other spices etc. must be done just before the actual preparation.


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Water spray defrosting

When you are ready to prepare the carp, put it on the warmest shelf in your refrigerator or in a cool room and let it thaw. The meat will reabsorb the water from its surroundings and will not be be dry. Once the fish is completely thawed, you can prepare it as usual – cut it into horseshoe servings (unless you have done it already), wrap it in a three-layer breading, or do whatever you wish, and enjoy it.

Good old tips

If you do not like the smell of a mud and you want to get rid of it, submerge the meat in milk for several hours, or sprinkle it with few drops of lemon or lime (our grandmothers even used vinegar, but this creates a rather pungent taste ). Well, now try our method and you will see that your carp will be fresh.

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