How to effectively store and preserve sea-buckthorn


The sea buckthorn harvest is currently peaking and you can see many bushes literally showered with beautiful yellow-orange fruits just waiting to be harvested. Well, anyone can harvest sea-buckthorn even though it is a time-consuming task but what to do with it and how to properly store the fruits and preserve all the vitamins and other nutrients beneficial for the human body? That is another story. Well, there are several options. Read on and we shall tell you.

Basic Sea-buckthorn preservation principles

Already during the harvest make sure that you are not damaging the fruit in any way. Fruit should be stored in a cool and dry place. For example, a cellar with a relatively constant temperature, minimal humidity and good ventilation is the best choice. If you have twigs with fruits on them and they are not damaged, they can stay fresh for up to 14 days without any problems. The best option is to freeze the fruit and we shall tell you how to do it at the end of this article.


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Sea-buckthorn juice

Sea-buckthorn juice is extremely popular. Crash the fruits completely and thoroughly in a blender set at a minimum speed. Then separate the flesh, skins and seeds from the juice. If you have fruit juicer equipped with a rotating plate, use it. Now, you have to process the juice and you can use sea-buckthorn juice alone, or you may add some other fruit such as apples, pears or carrots. These contain the least amount of acids. All the crushed flash may be dried and used to produce sea-buckthorn oil.


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How to freeze Sea-buckthorn properly

Make sure to remove any thorns, twigs or leaves from the collected fruit. Then put small amounts of the fruit into freezer bags. The goal is to freeze the fruits as quickly as possible in order to preserve all valuable nutrients, including vitamin C. If you are able to store the bags at a temperature ranging from -16 °C to -18 ° you can preserve half of the valuable nutrients for an entire year.

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