How to create your own rockery garden


Do you want to build your own rockery garden? Then read on and we shall give you basic tips how to achieve your goal. We shall help you to figure out how to design your rockery garden and share with you some useful tricks. So let us take a closer look and outline the basic issues.

Size and location

First you should consider how much time you are willing to spend on this job. Rockery garden is rather demanding task so keep that in mind when considering the size and design. Make sure you have enough time to follow your plan. There is no special location in your garden where rockery should be made, however it is a good idea to position plants on your rockery towards the east. This is not a strict requirement but you should definitely avoida shadowy place underneath grown trees. Cleaning your rockery garden from old and fallen trees is not fun.

High quality stones and soil

Use high-quality soil substrate for the base of your rockery. This is very important. In the “old days” people integrated drainage in the rockery, but today the majority of gardeners says that extra moisture is acceptable and that plants on the rockery can handle that. But make sure you don’t use heavy soil. Compacted soil should be broken and aerated with sand mixture such as loam. If you hold the soil in your hand and it sticks together like clay, make sure to mix it with loam. Try to use both larger and single stones and groups of smaller once. A great choice is to use gneiss and sandstone.

Selecting plants for your rockery

When selecting plants for your rockery make sure to select very healthy plants. Various perennials sold in special garden shops are excellent choice. For example alpine plantsare well adapted to rocky environments and they will do great on the southern side. Succulents and stonecrops love the sun too including safflower, motherwort or low-grown irises as well as many other flowers. But there are many other choices. Sky is the limit so use your imagination and be original. Try to select flowers not only according to their colours but based on the blooming time too. If you balance it well, your rockery will look pretty and colourful throughout the entire season. Bright colours will attract people and you may even get compliments for your work. Isn’t that great?

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