How to choose potato for planting

Potatoes are great but growing and caring requires a lot of work. If you put the effort in, then you should not have a problem. Gardeners would tell you that potatoes need to go in the ground no later than on the first of May and May is fast approaching. There are many varieties of potatoes you can choose from and each has a slightly different taste, size and also colour. Here are some potato varieties and their characteristics.

Super early potato varieties

Vegetation period (from planting to harvest) of super early potato varieties is from 60 to 100 days. Early varieties grow really fast. You can harvest the earliest varieties as early as the beginning of May but there is a catch. Super early potatoes are intended for direct consumption as the quality of early varieties goes down sharply during storage. These include:

  • Adora – one of the earliest varieties, the vegetation period is 65 days after planting. Adora contains the lowest amount of carbohydrates, but the taste is still great and buttery,
  • Impala,
  • Riviera – also one of the earliest varieties (vegetation period is 65 days ),
  • Anuschka ,
  • Colette,
  • Astoria,
  • Rosara – red skin potatoes,
  • Flavia,
  • Belarosa ,
  • Anatori ,
  • Katy,
  • Prada,
  • Cidlina,
  • Val Blue – a blue variety that contains up to three times more antioxidants than other commonly available varieties.


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Early potato varieties

The vegetation period of early varieties is 100 to 110 days. They contain less starch than late varieties and more water and protein, which is a plus. They usually ripen during summer. Early varieties can be stored over the winter. These are:

  • Adéla,
  • Belana ,
  • Dali,
  • Bohemia,
  • Gala,
  • Marabel – great for making mashed potatoes – the taste is on the sweet side,
  • Julinka – this variety was bred in the Bohemian Highlands. It is easy to grow and offers high yield,
  • Malvina,
  • Elfe – a general use potatoes. You can use this variety for baking, cooking, making porridge, frying…, light yellow and a creamy taste,
  • Rosara ,
  • Sunita.
  • Lilly.

Medium early varieties

Vegetation period is from 110 to 120 days. These include:

  • Agria – one of the most popular variety. High yields and general use. Great for baking, cooking, frying and mashed potatoes. An additional bonus: Agria can be store for up to 8 months,
  • Red Lady,
  • Soraya ,
  • Alonso ,
  • Bela,
  • Ditta,
  • Almonda ,
  • Galata ,
  • Princess ,
  • Megan,
  • Conrodia ,
  • Finessa.

Late varieties

Vegetation period is 110 to 130 days and the big advantage is long shelf life. These include:

  • Laura,
  • Antónia,
  • Karin,
  • Tosca – comes from Austria and gained popularity thanks to excellent taste, appetizing colour and yellow flesh,
  • Marena ,
  • Bernina ,
  • Jelly,
  • Cinja,
  • Red Anna – red potatoes,
  • Salinero ,
  • Jindra,
  • Belana ,
  • Stilleto ,
  • Asterix,
  • Dominator,
  • Ornella.

Very late varieties

Very late varieties are suitable for industrial cultivation.

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