How can you tell high-quality strawberries in a supermarket?


Do you love great tasting strawberries from your own garden? Of course you do! Homegrown strawberries have a unique taste and are best for direct consumption as well as for various refreshing dishes. In summer, you have a choice to pay a fee and go to a large field and pick your own strawberries, or you can use your own homegrown strawberries. But now in winter, you can get strawberries only in supermarkets. The quality is usually rather poor. But there are few tricks that can help you to get good quality strawberries in supermarkets. Even strawberries from supermarkets can be ok and provide number of benefits for our bodies. For example, strawberries can remove the excess of water and salt from our system and provide vitamins A, C, B as well as other nutrients. So, how can you tell which strawberries sold in supermarkets are good?

The color reveals a lot

First of all, look at the color. It should be deep red and the surface should be shiny. Watch out for unnaturally dark red strawberries and also for those that look wilted. Green color around the stem tells you that strawberries are unripe and will be hard. They will not ripen, but they will rot.

Characteristic smell

The characteristic and strong aroma of strawberries is something you should look for, that is if you find strawberries like that in a supermarket. Do not be afraid and smell it. A rich aroma should tell that chemicals were used sparingly.

The shape

Shape criteria are very difficult to establish because there is an abundance of different varieties on the market and it is impossible to determine whether the shape is right for the particular variety. Just avoid very large pieces, because the probability that extremely large pieces were “soaked and treated with water” to make them big, is pretty high.


Photo: Pixabay

What about the grains?

You should also watch out for grains on the surface of strawberries because the color of grains can also reveal the ripeness of many fruits. For example, the farther apart and deeper in the flesh they are, the riper and sweeter your strawberries should be.

And the final piece of advice? Well, if you do not have unbearable cravings for strawberries do not buy them in supermarkets. Wait for the summer or enjoy growing your own if you can.

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