Growing chilli peppers step by step

Chilli peppers

Chili peppers are a very popular especially among men. They add a real kick to any meal. Growing them is not difficult at all. It is fun actually.. Those of you who love chilli peppers probably already grow them but if you do not yet and you wish to start growing this “hot stuff”, here are few instructions. Follow them step by step to get the best harvest possible.

Growing from seeds

Although there are many varieties of chilli peppers, most of them are sown in late February or early May. The ideal temperature for germination is around 29 °C. You should also use only sterile seed substrate. You can find seeds in garden centres, supermarkets or, not surprisingly, on the Internet. Place seeds on the substrate and cover them with a really thin layer of soil – no higher than 3 mm. After about one month, transplant seedlings into pots. Here they will grow stronger until you decide to plant them in your garden or a greenhouse.

Chilli peppersPhoto: Pixabay

Caring for chilli peppers

You can also use pre-grown seedlings to save time. Whether you want to grow from seeds or you buy seedlings, the following care is a very important part of the process. Chilli peppers love light, so find a sunny spot for them. Fertilizing is ok, but do not use too much fertilizer – this will encourage growth of leaves and stems at the expense of peppers. A horse manure seems to be the best fertilizer.


Do not use too much water – the soil should be slightly moist. If you want to have hotter peppers reduce watering a bit when the fruits are ripening. Use a room temperature water, preferably rain water. Always water chilli peppers by pouring water directly at the roots. Avoid pouring water at leaves and fruits as they may get “burnt”, especially in the summer.

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