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A great way to get rid of all kinds of pests naturally is to grow plants that smell bad to them and therefore work as a repellent. This way you can save efforts and money and be environment-friendly at the same time. Chemical sprays must be applied under suitable conditions (no rain or winds) and that may be inconvenient. Plants that repel pests are very aromatic, but humans are usually not bothered by the smell.


Many people love the smell of lavender and the fact that it repels pests is just an added bonus. Lavender is also used dry in wardrobes where it repels moths and gives you wardrobe a beautiful smell. Lavender looks nice in any garden, so you cannot go wrong with lavender.


The smell of this plant is not pleasant to insects, but some people dislike it too. But the advantage is that marigold looks beautiful and hardly needs any care. It is a rather resilient and tough little flower and you can enjoy its lovely flowers from June until the first frosts. Marigold also works against aphids and moles.


One of the most aromatic and well-known herbs in the world. We all know refreshing mint chewing gums or toothpastes. Mint multiplies by itself so do not worry. On the contrary. You should make sure that it has not overgrown too much. It repels millipedes, which could be a big problem as it is not easy to get rid of millipedes. Traditionally, mint has been used in many refreshing and sweet recipes – especially during hot summer days, but it also works great in barbeque dressings and marinades. And of course, certain refreshing drinks cannot do without mint.


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Rosemary loves the sun and even tolerates periods of drought. Much better then excessive watering, which can destroy it. It is very aromatic and the smell of rosemary is pleasant to a vast majority of people. But unlike humans, ants and flies hate it, so you should grow rosemary near your outdoor terrace for example. We all know that rosemary is used in many recipes.


Some people like the smell of pelargonium and some find it unpleasant. But the truth is that pelargonium can scare away various insects from your garden. For example, mosquitoes do not like it so, it is a great plant to grow on a windowsill for example.


This very popular herb has established a solid place in our kitchens, especially in the south. It is aromatic and many people find this fragrance very pleasant. But again, mosquitos do not like it so, you may grow it on your windowsill too.


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