Do not buy blueberries by the litre!


It may sound strange but if your vendor sells blueberries by the litre, you may not get what you paid for. You can tell quickly whether blueberries are wrinkled or properly ripe but many of us tend think the same about the volume, especially if the seller is so nice and measures everything in front of you.
Have you ever had that feeling that blueberries you just bought have shrunk a bit after you left the store? Yup. That happens and we know why.

Vendors can “fluff up” the volume

Perhaps you know this trick and learn it when you were kid and played with your friends. This is how it is done. Take a mug (or any suitable container) and turn it upside down before measuring. When you flip it back not all berries will fit in the cup. Did the volume magically increase? Yes, there is more air in between them. The berries will “settle back” down within an hour. Your vendor is trying to pull the same trick on you.


Photo: Pixabay

The vendor “pours” blueberries from the right height and fluffs them up a bit. The volume may increase by up to one fifth of the original volume. Very easy.

A new legislature prohibits the sale of blueberries by volume / litre

Weighing is the safest way to buy blueberries and should be the only one. The State Agricultural and Food Inspectorate received numerous complaints from people who bought blueberries by volume and by the time they got home the volume has somehow shrunk. So, if your seller tries to sell you blueberries by volume, well it says a lot about his or her honesty (by the way, the seller may face a hefty fine if caught).

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