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We all know the famous cartoon hero Popeye the Sailor who loved spinach so much and which gave him enormous strength and the ability to defeat his enemies easily. But it is not about the strength only. Spinach is a great delicacy and good for your health. So you should definitely grow spinach in your own garden. All you need is spinach seeds and the desire to grow it. It is not complicated and anyone can do it.

Spinach and its origin

We all think that we know spinach, but do we really? Its origin is in ancient Persia and as for the name Spinacea oleracea, the first word describes its seed, which are rather thorny and indeed, today we distinguish cultivars that are typical for prickly seeds and other cultivars with smooth seeds. Gardeners however, often divide spinach varieties according to the structure of its leaves. These can be either smooth or crinkly.

Spinach growing tips

The optimal pH of soil for spinach growing should range from 6.5 to 7.5. The soil should be loamy and should be able to hold the required amount of water for sufficient period of time. In short, soil should not dry out even during a severe drought. Seeds should germinate few days after sowing, and as they do, they will need plenty of nutrients and water. Best is to sow spinach in spring and harvest it in summer. Very hot summer temperatures force plants to claim upwards and bloom. This makes spinach leaves tougher, which in turn negatively affects the taste. The usual time from sowing to harvest is between 45 and 65 days. If you did not manage to sow in spring, you may still do so in summer and harvest in autumn.

Spinach varieties

Let us mention the most famous spinach varieties that people plant in their gardens. These mainly includes varieties such as Lorelay, Emilia F1 and Previa F1

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