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Many people have already noticed that an extensive termination of the overgrown population of rodents is now allowed. A product called Stutox II will be used to do so. In connection with this action you should know several important issues that may affect you. We shall focus on them and advice you how to protect your dogs, as dogs may be at risk to some extent.

No Extensive or Large Area Extermination

There is a widespread rumour that a large area and extensive termination action will take place. In other words, that all meadows and fields will be treated uniformly. That is not true as it all depends on how individual farmers who work the given area will decide. The land, where the poison is to be applied, must be marked and clear signs must be installed around the edges informing that this area was treated against rodents.

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The poison does not attract dogs

The rodent poison is not attractive to dogs at all! They are not drawn to it as they would be to a some kind of a treat but there is a danger of secondary poisoning. For example, a dog can eat a sick or dead rodent. This danger applies to many other animals, such as partridges, hares, storks, herons and others.

So, how you should protect your dogs?

Well, make sure that you do not train or play with your pet near the place that has been marked as treated with the poison. The poison must be spread evenly over the area and farmers must remove dead rodents daily. But no one can guarantee that it will be perfectly safe. The second method of protection is to make your dog to wear a protective muzzle, which will make it impossible for your dog to eat anything. Some of you may think that it would be more effective to introduce more diverse fauna with natural predators of rodents at the particular area, but that is a long discussion and we shall leave it to the experts.

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