Evergreen shrub and how to care for it

evergreen shrub

Evergreen shrub or heather. This is how Erica plant is known. It reaches height about 10 to 30 cm and the entire plant is made up of acicular leaves in different shades of green and produces bell-shaped flowers, so typical for this plant. They come in white, pink or deep red. By grouping individual plants together you may easily create beautiful and original shapes that you will enjoy throughout the entire season. Before the winter comes, make sure to cover it with twigs to protect it from freezing.

Choose heather plant that best suits your needs

There are several varieties but we shall mention only the most common.

Bell heather (Erica cinerea)

Erica cinerea is about 40 cm high, and starting in July, it produces beautiful pink flowers. However, you can also choosePallas cultivarwith purple-pink flowers, Alba cultivar with white flowers, or Atrorubens, which will give you pure red flowers.

Cornish heath (Erica vagans)

Erica vagans is slightly smaller and it will not exceed 30 cm. It has typical needle-shaped whorls. You can choose between Lyonesse cultivar in white orSt. Kevernein pink.

Cross-leaved heath (Erica tetralix)

Is a relatively small plant and rarely exceeds 20 cm. Most often it has gray leaves.

Tree heath (Erica arborea)

Erica arboreais literally a monster among heaths. It can grow very tall – up to 3 m and it has beautiful bell-shaped flowers.

Winter heath (Erica carnea)

Erica carnea does not exceed 20 cm, has dark green leaves and small flowers. It starts blooming in May.

Soil substrate and requirements on locations

Heaths are undemanding plants and may be successfully grown in flower beds or in flower pots. All they need is a little trimming after flowering, a place exposed to direct light, acidic soil and they will do just fine.

Other aspects of heath growing

There are other aspects that need to be taken into account when growing heaths. For example propagation, which is usually done by layering or cutting. And as usually, make sure to water your plants regularly.

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