Dappled Willow (Salix integra). Growing and few tips


There is one particular plant that you simply cannot miss, mainly at the beginning of the summer season, and that is Dappled willow (Salix integra). It is a beautiful specimen that creates the image of a perfect flowering tree. However, these flowers arean optical illusion as they consists of young leaves of different colours. The shade changes from green to creamy or pink. Many people have Dappled willow or saw this interesting tree in other gardens but are not sure what the proper name is.

Dappled Willow or Japanese Willow?

In older literature you will not find the name Japanese willow! We all know weeping willow or simply willow, or some of you may have heard about twisted willow or even common willow. Yes, willow was brought to Europe by a Dutch grower Harry van de Laar in 1979 but the country of origin is Japan. That’s why it is sometimes called Japanese willow. You can get willow as a shrub or a small tree. Trees are much more popular than shrubs, but you need to take care of it and trim the crown twice a year.

Willow pruning

The first pruning is very important. It should be as deep as possible, up to 5 buds. It is necessary to perform the cut before the first leaves sprout. Willow flowers are not particularly decorative, so it does not matter if this cut gets rid of them. You can wait with the second pruning and do it at any time of the year, well, when you have time. After pruning, the tree will produce new pink shoots.

More about willow growing

A very popular form of growing is in the form of a Bonsai – on a small trunk. The climate in Central Europe is very suitable for willow and a healthy tree can even withstand frost of -34 degrees Celsius. Just do not forget that the willow needs a large amount of water to grow. It can grow nicely in partial shade or in the sun, but you cannot deprive it of water.

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