Does your oleander fail to bloom? Find out what is wrong!


This is problem is more common than you may think and it mainly concerns terraces and balconies. Yes, even non-blooming oleander looks beautiful, but why should you deprive yourself of this great feature by making silly mistakes? That is by making silly cultivation mistakes.

Improper winterization, incorrect pruning, using cold water for watering… These are the most common causes. Let us break down individual causes one by one and see what you may be doing wrong.

Warmth, Light and Proper Watering

Oleanders come from the Mediterranean, so it is no surprise that they need a lot of sun and even heat to thrive. The best temperature range for oleanders is between 15 and 25 °C. If the temperature drops below 15° C, your oleander will stop blooming.

These plants also need plenty of water and they certainly need extra watering during really hot days. Twice a day for example. But be careful and never use cold water from the water tap. Oleanders are sensitive to temperature shocks. Just let the water sit in the watering can for several hours – in the same place where you grow your oleanders.


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If You Prune Your Plans Incorrectly You May Unintentionally and Completely Stop the Flowering

Well, the good news is that a well-grown oleanders do not need pruning. On the contrary, oleanders produce flowers on young branches, so the more you prune, the fewer flowers you will have. If you need to prune, always leave around 2-3 whorls on the branch (the spot where several leaves grow) and with a bit of luck, they will re-grow quickly and have enough time to bloom in the next year. August to September is ideal for pruning.

Heavy Fertilization is Important

During the spring to fall you should give your oleander a weekly dose of flowering plant fertilizer which contains enough of phosphorus and potassium. As said many times before, nitrogen is not very desirable, as it promotes the growth of leaves and tends to delay flowering.

How to Properly Winterize Your Oleanders

Most likely you will not get any flowers if the temperature during wintering rises above 10 °C and remains around this value for a long time. Oleanders need to be very calm and rest before the new season. They also need very little watering and low temperatures. Otherwise, they simply will not bloom.

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