Do not throw away overripe bananas. You can still use them


Ripe bananas are a very tasty and lot of people love them. Bananas are great because you can take them on a trip as a healthy snack, peel them very easily and you do not need to wash them before consumption. Unfortunately, as soon as the first brown or black spots appear, it is a sign that bananas may be overripe. Overripe bananas no longer have the original taste and texture and many people do not like that. But overripe bananas do not belong in the trash!

Invite birds to your garden

Birds are usually beneficial in your garden as they feast on a wide range of pests. You can attract them to your garden by building a birdhouse or you may simply put bananas at an elevated place in your garden. This will also work for butterflies and they will come to feast on this delicacy.

Gloss for leaves

Did leaves of your indoor flowers lose their lustre? Well, try rubbing leaves with the inside part of a banana peel. This way you will also get rid of dust. In addition to improved appearance, leaves free of dust will absorb nutrients much better.

Get rid of aphids

These small pests attack many plants and literally suck the life out of them. If you want to use a natural remedy try this. Dry banana peels and bury them few centimetres deep around plants that have been attacked by aphids (roses for example). Dry banana peels are also a great fertilizer because they decompose quickly, especially in warm weather. Cut dry banana peels into small pieces or grind them into a powder. Small cut pieces are usually buried in the soil and powder is sprinkled around lands.


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Composting banana peels

Bananas contain substances that are beneficial for plant growth, namely potassium and phosphorus. These substances are a welcomed addition to any compost as they will supply extra nutrients to plants .

Overripe bananas in your kitchen?

In the previous lines we gave you few ideas how to use banana peels, but what about overripe bananas? Yes, you can use them in your kitchen, for example for any dishes made from whole grain or for baking. Bananas will add sweetness and moisturized texture to your pastries and you may reduce the sugar content in the recipe. Overripe bananas tend to be very sweet and you can use them to make banana bread, pancakes, cookies, cakes, French toast or ice cream.

Banana ice cream

To make banana ice cream place 5 overripe bananas (peeled) in a freezer. When they have cooled down sufficiently add vanilla seeds from one vanilla pod. Put everything into a blender and blend until smooth. If you prefer a more liquid texture, you may add milk or cream. Enjoy immediately, or put it back in the freezer to make it harder.

Baked bananas with chocolate

Cut bananas lengthwise and sprinkle the inside with about 30g of grated milk chocolate. Wrap in an aluminium foil and bake for 25 minutes at 200°C. Serve with a vanilla ice cream.


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